CUE2 2012

Open Day Symposium CUE2


March 2nd 2012 10am-3pm

University of Brighton | Mithras House BN2 4AT | Architecture | Main Gallery |

Critical Urban Ecology aims to connect theoretical and actual territories, ideas and matter, objects and subjects. The second CUE symposium brings together practitioners (intellectual, professional, educational, artistic) to reflect on the practices by which we can engage the fundamentally ecological nature and culture of the urban environment.

Speakers and contributors:

KATE SOPER | Postconsumerism and the City

RONNY HARDLIZ | DUE – Dilettanti Urban Ecology

JON GOODBUN | Scarcity and Creativity in the Built Environment

LIAM YOUNG | Landscapes of Unnatural History

MArch STUDENTS | Position Pieces

Organised by KARIN JASCHKE and the MArch course in association with Office for Spatial Research in the School of Architecture |