Liam Young

Liam Young

Liam Young currently lives and works in London as an independent urbanist, designer and futurist. Liam was named by Blueprint magazine as one of 25 people who will change architecture and design in 2010. He is founder of the futures think tank Tomorrows Thoughts Today, a group whose projects explores the consequences of fantastic, perverse and speculative architectures and urbanisms. His projects develop fictional near-future scenarios as critical instruments to instigate debate about the social, architectural and political consequences of emerging biological and technological futures. Liam also curates events and exhibitions including the annual Thrilling Wonder Stories series and runs the nomadic teaching studio the ‘Unknown Fields Division’ at the Architectural Association in London. Each year the division travels to extreme landscapes to explore the Unknown Fields between cultivation and nature and spin cautionary tales of a new kind of wilderness.

Landscapes of Unnatural History

The sun is setting on our idealistic and preservationist views of the natural world. In the unfamiliar landscapes of robotics, bio technology and a changing climate we are beginning to encounter a new form of engineered nature that we are not yet able to categorise. As the spectres of nature and technology become increasing indistinguishable we will examine these emerging trends and forge new narratives for this strange new world.


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