Ronny Hardliz

Ronny Hardliz

Ronny Hardliz is an independent artist and architect and a researcher at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in the Art & Design department. He is currently a PhD candidate at Middlesex University in London with an arts-practice-led-research project called: wall sandwich – the Architectural in Art from Destruction to Non-Construction, and an associate fellow of the ProDoc Art&Science at the ETH Zurich. He has a Master degree in architecture from ETH Lausanne, and was an artist-member at the Swiss Institute in Rom. His art-practice-led-research interests include art’s link to the methods and the ontology of the architectural, the cultural function of ornament, methodological and epistemological dimensions of arts-practitioner-led-research, intuition and dilettantism as methods related to creativity, and the notion of contingent art-practice. He is currently undertaking research on: BuildingBuilding – the Poetic Potential of Building as System, and: JustArchitecture? – Modes of Competition for Architecture as Context of Creative Living.

DUE – Dilettante Urban Ecology

This practice based talk will examine dilettantism as a critical approach to urban ecology in my artwork. The driving force of dilettantism, from Latin delectare <>  (“to delight”), is sheer pleasure as opposed to professionalism. The dilettante is forced to constantly redefine the limits of his/hers capacities and actions. Hence, more than in professionalism, the critical rule in dilettante actions is responsibility.
Professional dilettantism is, I argue, professional artistry. It’s the DUE CUE necessary for ethics because it suspends destruction by embracing its potentiality.


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