CUE3 2013


February 13th 2013 1pm-5pm
University of Brighton | Grand Parade | BN2 0JY | Boardroom

The CUE Critical Urban Ecology series aims to connect theoretical and actual territories, ideas and matter, objects and subjects. Following on from conceptual and interdisciplinary examinations of notions of urban ecology at CUE1 and CUE2, the third CUE event looks at territorial ecologies: speakers will explore the political, cultural and natural ecologies of expanded urban territories in the United States, South Africa, and South America. The event is part of the MArch programme in architecture and open to students, colleagues and the public.


KARIN JASCHKE | Introduction

LINDSAY BREMNER | Dissident Water: Acid Mining in Johannesburg

LOUISE PURBRICK | Mining Chile: Traces of Nitrate

MARK CAMPBELL | Detroit: Arcadia Exhausted

ANDRE VILJOEN | Politics of the Productive Urban Landscape in the United States

JON GOODBUN | Panel Chair

The CUE series is organised by Karin Jaschke and the MArch course in the Architecture programme (School of Art, Design and Media, Faculty of Arts, University of Brighton) in association with Office for Spatial Research. Contact: