André Viljoen

André Viljoen
André Viljoen is an architect and principal lecturer in architecture at the University of Brighton and with Katrin Bohn contributes to the work of Bohn&Viljoen Architects. The publication in 2005 of their book CPULs Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes: designing urban agriculture for sustainable cities consolidated a body of research underpinning the case for urban agriculture as an essential element of sustainable urban infrastructure. This book and the associated design concept has had a significant international impact, resulting in invitations to exhibit, advise and lecture widely.

Politics of the Productive Urban Landscape in the United States CLICK FOR VIDEO
This presentation reflects on findings of Bohn & Viljoen’s on-going investigations into the evolving practice of urban agriculture. Under the umbrella of their “Laboratories for Urban Agriculture” project, results from field work in Milwaukee, Madison and Detroit will be presented and compared to contemporary examples from New York City and Rotterdam. The developing urban typology of the Productive urban landscape will be discussed in relation to top down and bottom up initiatives and the environmental and social capacities that underpin them.