Louise Purbrick

Louise Purbrick
Dr Louise Purbrick is Principal Lecturer in the History of Art and Design at the University of Brighton. Her work encompasses publications on the industrial and material culture of the Great Exhibition of 1851, a monograph on the use, preservation and valuing of objects given and received upon marriage (The Wedding Present, 2007), and a history on the Long Kesh/Maze prison site in Northern Ireland. Purbrick is engaged in activist work that includes community work and the curation of exhibitions such Rattling the Cage, an archive of materials used in a local anti-Guantánamo campaign.

Mining Chile: Traces of Nitrate    CLICK FOR VIDEO
Traces of Nitrate explores the histories and legacies of British investment in Chilean nitrate mines and involvement in its global trafficking. Through an examination of sites, artefacts and images, the project will trace nitrate’s route from natural mineral state processed in the oficinas of the Atacama desert through transported commodity and stock market exchange value to become, ultimately, part of the material and symbolic inheritances of London mansions and of estates in the capital’s surrounding countryside.