Mark Campbell

Mark Campbell 
Mark Campbell has taught at the Architectural Association, London, since 2005. Currently he is the Director of the Paradise Lost Research Cluster, unit master for Intermediate 1, and is a member of the Histories & Theories Faculty. A graduate of Princeton University, he has previously taught at the Cooper Union, New York, Princeton University, New Jersey, and Auckland University, New Zealand.

Detroit: Arcadia Exhausted     CLICK FOR VIDEO
If the United States is the “original version of modernity”, as Jean Baudrillard believed, then the post-industrial collapse of cities like Detroit, Michigan, provides us a vision of what the end of modernity might look like. Once the second most affluent city in the United States, Detroit now relies on Federal life support, has enough vacant land to accommodate Manhattan, Boston and San Francisco combined, and is so synonymous with architectural ruin that the images of its civic decay are as clichéd as they are poignant.
In late-2012 the Paradise Lost research cluster & Intermediate 1 of the Architectural Association travelled to Detroit. We worked as ‘archaeologists of the immediate future’ in the hope of exploring the notion of architectural obsolescence. This talk will present and discuss our investigations.