CUE4 2014

CUE4 | Critical Urban Ecology: Relational Space

Thursday, 13.2.14 University of Brighton | Grand Parade | BN2 0JY | Boardroom
Thursday, 3.4.14 University of Brighton | Mithras | BN2 4AT | Large Gallery South

The CUE Critical Urban Ecology series aims to connect theoretical and actual territories, ideas and matter, objects and subjects. Following previous conceptual, interdisciplinary, and territorial explorations of urban ecologies, the fourth CUE event looks at space in urban contexts and beyond: space may be socially constructed but is at the same time a product of ecological and material processes that incorporate and exceed the social and the human. CUE4 is interested in the architectural, ecological, and poetic potential of space understood in such post-human terms.

Introduction by Karin Jaschke, University of Brighton
Lindsay Bremner, University of Westminster: Folded Ocean
Elisa Lega, University of Brighton: Interpretations of the In-Between

Rebecca Lee, MArch1 Student University of Brighton: Landguard Fort Re-Inhabited
Tim Stephens, MArch1 Student University of Brighton: Drones, Surveillance Utopias and Other Myths
Holger Zschenderlein, University of Brighton: Breathing City
Summing-up & Panel Discussion, led by Jon Goodbun, Royal College of Art

PROGRAMME 3.4.14clinometersmall
Laura Allen and Mark Smout, Smout Allen & The Bartlett, UCL: BELA British Exploratory Land Archive and Other Work






Laura Allen
Laura Allen is a Senior Lecturer at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, where she is Director of Special Projects and has been teaching Architecture in undergraduate and post graduate design studios since 1994, including leading MArch Architecture Unit 11 with Mark Smout.  Her Design Research Practice, Smout Allen, scrutinises and interprets the fluxing urban and rural landscape and its reaction and adaptation to natural environmental events and the ‘artificial’ influence of man.  It undertakes a design-based approach to architecture, landscape and climate change via political, technological and artistic disciplines on the basis of what architecture can do with them and for them. Themes and pedagogy developed via the Bartlett teaching programmes are explored via international workshops with very disparate student groups and using unfamiliar and sometimes ‘live’ sites. Recent workshops have been in Oslo, Australia and Canada.

Dr Lindsay Bremner is an award-winning architect and writer and Director of Architectural Research at the University of Westminster. Her work includes the book Writing the City into Being: Essays on Johannesburg 1998 – 2008 (2010). Her current research projects, Geo-Architecture and Folded Ocean are investigating the relationships between architecture, geology and politics, and the impact of global mobility, trans-nationalism and environmental change on the Indian Ocean world. She was previously the head of architecture departments in Philadelphia (USA) and Johannesburg (South Africa).

Jon Goodbun
Dr Jon Goodbun is an architect, theorist and writer. His work focuses on the role of systems thinking in architecture and more broadly within modern culture, drawing upon disciplines such as aesthetics, ecology, cybernetics and cognitive science, as well as the role of future scenario planning in design, and design as a form of activism within the environmental movement. Goodbun teaches at the RCA, the Bartlett, and the University of Westminster. He is a director of the architectural practice WAG, co-founder of the Polytechnic research group ( at Westminster, and founder of rheomode at

Karin Jaschke
Dr Karin Jaschke is an architectural historian and theorist and subject leader in Architectural Humanities at the University of Brighton. Her research interests include modern architecture’s links to ethnography, ludic environments, the environmental debate in architecture. She is co-editor of Stripping Las Vegas: A Contextual Review of Casino Resort Architecture and has worked extensively on Dutch post-war modernism. Her recent research focuses on the relationship between ecological and new materialist theory and architectural historiography.

Rebecca Lee
Rebecca Lee is a second year student in the MArch programme of the University of Brighton and has recently completed her Architectural Humanities Research Project as part of her course work.

Elisa Lega
Dr Elisa Lega is a Senior Lecturer in Interior Architecture at the University of Brighton. Her research focuses on the transdisciplinary examination of the role of Spatial Design in the understanding of In-between urban spaces and new spatial conditions within urban transformation processes. Since 2006 has been collaborating with INDACO, Department of Industrial Design, Arts, Communication and Fashion, at Politecnico di Milano where in 2009 she also joined the Spatial Design Teamwork, a research group dealing with the spreading of new typologies of spaces and places in the territory of the third millennium.

Mark Smout
Mark Smout is a Senior Lecturer at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, where he is the Coordinator of the MArch Thesis programme and runs MArch U11 with Laura Allen. His Design Research Practice, Smout Allen undertakes work proposing that the built environment can develop a reading of and synergy with its surroundings informed by understanding the complex interaction of living and artificial systems, environmental processes and emerging technologies. Smout Allen have produced award winning designs for the East Anglian landscape, published ‘Augmented Landscapes’ issue 28 of the seminal Pamphlet Architecture series and produced the centre piece installation for the Landscape Futures exhibition in the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno. They have won the prestigious Royal Academy Award for Architecture and represented the UK at the Venice Biennale in 2012. Their most recent work, commissioned by the Mayor of London as part of the 2012 Olympic festival, was a large binary calculator powered by marbles that made tea for passers-by.

Tim Stephens is a second year student in the MArch programme of the University of Brighton and has recently completed his Architectural Humanities Research Project as part of his course work.

Holger Zschenderlein
Holger Zschenderlein is a composer and sound artist and leads the Master of Fine Arts / BA (Hons) Digital Music and Sound Arts course programme at the University of Brighton. His work encompasses creative practice and research aspects in the field of soundscape composition, composition and narrative structures within the wider context. He has been developing a collaborative practice linking soundscape, music composition, sonic design, moving image, audio-visual production, performance and installation.


Student-led panel discussion: Holger Zschenderlein, Jon Goodbun, Lindsay Bremner, Elisa Lega, Tim Stephens, and Rebecca Lee with students’ questions.

Critical Urban Ecology is a yearly event organised by Karin Jaschke as part of the MArch programme at the University of Brighton. It is free and open to students, colleagues, and the public.

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