Daisy Froud

Daisy Froud

Free-range investigator, enabler and interpreter (Often found at The Bartlett)

“Did Thousands Die At Dunkirk For This?”: Drawing Battle Lines and Red Lines in ‘The Best World City In The World’

As a practitioner, I find the ‘gap’ between the expectations of London’s ‘local communities’ – whatever they are – and the realities of what the planning system offers, and what architects can do, grows ever wider. In this talk, I will be asking: how do theories of spatial justice and decision-making help us positively engage with this challenge, at the scale of both of the project and the city?


A non-architect, Daisy Froud specialises in designing tools and strategies that allow multiple voices to meaningfully contribute to design and decision-making processes. In 2003 she founded architecture practice AOC, from which she resigned in 2014. She teaches on the history and theory of spatial politics, and their relationship to architectural production.