Emma Cheatle

Dr Emma Cheatle

Bartlett School of Architecture, University of Brighton

From Outside to In: Paris, the Large Glass and the Maison de Verre, 1930.

This research examines Paris in the early twentieth century as a specific social context. By the 1920s, Parisian women occupied a city between new sexual and artistic freedoms and the reinforced politics of conservative pronatalism. I explore how these contexts influenced firstly the narrative of Marcel Duchamp’s artwork the Large Glass (1915–23), and then the materiality and spaces of Pierre Chareau’s building the Maison de Verre (1928–32).


Emma Cheatle is an architect and lecturer in architectural design, history and theory at the University of Brighton. She is interested in architecture as a relationship between materiality and space, social history and inhabitation. Her PhD, entitled ‘Part-architecture: the Maison de Verre through the Large Glass’ reevaluates these iconic works and proposes a new form of architecture as research consisting of writing, drawing and audio. It was given a 2014 RIBA President’s Award for Outstanding PhD.