Susannah Hagan

Professor Susannah Hagan

Head of Research School of Architecture, Royal College of Art

Ecological Urbanism: The Nature of the City

This talk is about a just published book, and why and how it was written. It asks what climate change, urbanisation and ecology are doing to the theory and practice of urban design, and how Ecological Urbanism figures in this change. It also examines the implications for cities and the designers of cities now we are required again to address their metabolic as well as social and formal dimensions.


Susannah Hagan trained at Columbia University, New York, and the Architectural Association. She has taught and published extensively on the cultural implications of ecological architecture and urban design, and the role of design within urbanism. She is founding director of R_E_D (, a multi-disciplinary environmental research consultancy that works with design practitioners on climate-led projects in the UK and abroad.

(Due to personal circumstances, Susannah Hagan gave her talk at a later date in the architecture programme.)