Samer Bagaeen

Dr Samer Bagaeen

Course Leader MSc Town Planning, University of Brighton

Themes of Permanence and Change Affecting Urban Development in the Gulf and Latin America


Samer Bagaeen teaches urban planning at the University of Brighton Planning School and is Visiting Professor of Planning at the Institute of Urban Economy in Lima, Peru. He is a graduate of University College London. His latest book, Beyond Gated Communities (Routledge)  will be published in early 2015. He previously co-edited Gated Communities: Social Sustainability in Contemporary and Historical Gated Developments (Routledge, 2010 & 2012) and contributed to Dimensions of the Sustainable City (Springer, 2010). Currently he researches the development of former military land, real estate development and tourism in the Middle East with several publications forthcoming, including ‘Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Qatar: Middle Eastern complexity and contradiction’ in G. Squires and E. Heurkens (eds.) (2015) International Approaches to Real Estate Development (Routledge), and ‘The soft power of branding in a post conflict situation: Gulf tourism in Bahrain’ in M. Stephenson and A. al-Hamarneh (eds.) (2015) International Tourism and the Gulf Cooperation Council States (Routledge).