Ignacio Acosta Gomez-Lomo

Ignacio Acosta Gomez-Lomo
Ignacio Acosta is a London based artist. His photographic practice considers the landscape as a stage for economic activity, mapping the territories of capital exchange. Ignacio investigates the flow of capital and how it impacts on contemporary physical geographies. He is currently researching the legacy of copper.

His PhD work at the University of Brighton is part of an AHRC funded research project ‘Traces of Nitrate: History and Photography Between Britain and Chile, 1879-1914’. Previous commissions include ‘Mapping the Zone’, shown at London Festival of Architecture. His work has been exhibited and published in South America and Europe.

Mining Chile: Traces of Nitrate   CLICK FOR VIDEO
This talk discusses a series of photographs that document ‘Traces of Nitrates’ in the desert landscapes of nothern Chile, as part of the project introduced in Louise Purbrick’s talk.